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Texas Commission on the Arts (TCA) has approved funding for 5 Wichita Falls nonprofits for fiscal year 2024. The grants received in the first funding round total more than $50 thousand. These grants include the Arts Create program, the Arts Respond Project program, and the quarterly Arts Respond Performance Support program.

“We are honored to provide these grants to help sustain the Texas arts industry, which is still recovering economically from the effects of COVID-19. In the 2023 legislative session, TCA received a generous increase in funding, which is reflected in these grant awards,” said Gary Gibbs, executive director of TCA. “We are grateful to the Legislature for this increase, and we are proud to invest these funds with arts organizations to support the creative economy in Texas.”

Ann Arnold-Ogden, executive director of the Wichita Falls Alliance for Arts and Culture said, “We are so proud to see this investment in Wichita Falls’ arts community by TCA. These grants will allow organizations to continue providing programming and educational opportunities for our region. The arts are essential to our city, and we are proud to be a part of making Wichita Falls a more creative and vibrant place to live.”

Organizations receiving state funding include:

Arts Council of Wichita Falls/Kemp CenterArts Respond Project$4,000
Arts Council of Wichita Falls/Kemp CenterArts Create$9,000
Wichita Falls Alliance for Arts and CulturePerformance Support$3,696
Wichita Falls Alliance for Arts and CultureArts Create$8,000
Wichita Falls Museum of ArtArts Create$7,000
Wichita Falls Symphony OrchestraArts Respond Project$3,500
Wichita Falls Symphony OrchestraArts Create$7,000
Wichita Falls Youth Symphony OrchestraArts Create$8,000
Wichita Falls Youth Symphony OrchestraArts Respond Project$4,000

Arts Create grants provide year-round operational support to Texas arts organizations with budgets over $50,000.

Arts Respond Project grants fund arts-based projects that address one of the priority areas of economic development, education, health and human services, natural resources and agriculture, or public safety and criminal justice.

Arts Respond Performance Support grants provide partial support to help applicants host an artist from the Texas Touring Roster in their community.

TCA’s full list of fiscal year 2024 grants can be found at