In 2011, the Wichita Falls community engaged in a process to develop its first community cultural plan, culminating in the Arts and Cultural Plan for Wichita Falls (the Cultural Plan), which was released in 2012. The goal was to develop a comprehensive framework to guide the development of arts, culture, and the creative economy.

Since its adoption, the Cultural Plan has served as a roadmap for the cultural community, city government, philanthropy, community agencies, and others in elevating the role of arts and culture in serving the residents of Wichita Falls.

In 2019, an assessment was commissioned to consider essential questions related to the Arts and Culture Plan for Wichita Falls. After eight years of implementation, it is time to reflect on what has been accomplished, what is yet to be done, what are the current priorities — and to generally take stock of the arts and cultural life of the community and its potential future.