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Photo Courtesy: The HUB of NTX

Local artist Jesse Baggett clenched another Art Battle title, winning both rounds of the Texas State Championship held March 4 in Wichita Falls.

During the art battles, each artist has 20 minutes to create a live painting, which the audience votes on before being auctioned off. The Wichita Falls Art Association hosts the Wichita Falls Art Battle.

Baggett was the first-ever winner of the Wichita Falls Art Battle when it began in 2019. She specializes in painting, printmaking, ceramic sculpture, and portrait plates. Most recently, Baggett was one of the lead artists on the “Better Together” Mural in downtown Wichita Falls.

Art Battle is a live painting competition with monthly events in 50 cities worldwide. Baggett will compete in the U.S. National Championship Art Battle in Daytona, Florida, on April 1st.

Congratulations to all of the artists who participated. You can watch the entire event HERE.