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Thank you Texoma!

Texoma Gives 2017  was a sucess. Over $750,000 was donated to organizations in the Texoma region and we were given $7,100 of that! Together, our 15 arts organizations raised $71,161 for their programming! That number doesn’t even include the $17,690 (and counting!) our organizations won! You can see what every group raised by clicking here.

Thank you to the 4,358 people who donated on this day to make this possible! We can’t wait until next year to do it all over again!

We had the opportunity to paint another TxDot snowplow! Look out for this plow blade during the Christmas parade and this winter when it gets snowy and icy!

As you may recall from a past “Applause,” our board member Sam Pak issued a challenge to us! For every $1,000 we raised, he would cut an inch from his hair. Because you gave over $7,000 to The Alliance, Sam cut over 7 inches off!