Texas Commission on the Arts Grant Opportunities

Along with the grants funded through the City of Wichita Falls, there are also state and national grants that can be applied for. Texas Commission on the Arts is one of those.

The grants offered by the Texas Commission on the Arts are briefly described below. If you would like more information, visit the TCA website.

Arts Create March 1, odd numbered years

The Arts Create program provides multi-year operational support. Applicants write their grant for a one year period, and if funded, will provide an update for the second year. Depending on the availability of funds, the organization’s award amount will be the same for two fiscal years. New organizations may only apply in odd numbered years. There are five different categories in this grant program.

Arts Respond Performance Support Quarterly deadlines on the first of February, May, August, November

This program provides professional artist fees to schools, libraries, and nonprofit organizations for hiring an artist from the TCA Touring Roster to do a performance. These applications are funded based on a percentage of contracted fees.

Arts Respond Project  January 15, July 15

This program provides project assistance grants on a short-term basis and may include administrative costs directly related to the project. Projects must address ONE of the following priority areas:

Cultural District Project June 15

Projects that use the arts to diversify local economies, generate revenue, and attract visitors and investment. This program provides project assistance grants on a short-term basis and may include administrative costs directly related to the project. This program is designed for projects that focus on significant cultural tourism projects. These projects should serve at least one of the following:

Cultural District Designation Program June 15

To designate special zones in cities and Texas communities that harness the power of cultural resources to stimulate economic development and community revitalization.

Touring Roster Inclusion January 31, even numbered years

To ensure that every Texas community has access to high quality arts programming at an affordable price.

The Texas Commission on the Arts maintains an approved Touring Roster of Texas-based touring companies and artists. In this program, the artist or artist’s management sets the fee and negotiates the booking. Applicants must have a history of touring and maintain a reasonable fee range. Roster artists are required to perform outside their community regularly. Touring artists offer single performances as well as optional services that may include workshops, master classes, lecture-demonstrations, arts education components, residencies, or short performances. The fact that an artist is approved to the roster does not imply or guarantee that the artist will receive bookings in the coming year. This program is available every other year.

Young Masters November 15, odd numbered years

To advance the creative economy of Texas by investing in the future of the arts.

This program awards grants to talented young artists to further their studies in their chosen field. This grant is not a college scholarship. The most talented young artists will receive the title of Young Master and will be awarded grants of up to $5,000 per year to further their studies in their chosen arts disciplines. Students are eligible to receive the grant for up to two years, but not beyond their senior year in high school, and they must reapply annually. They must be participating in a school-based arts program, summer institute, a specialized course of study, or receiving private lessons from a qualified instructor. Students must maintain passing grades in all academic areas. Applications will be from the student, his or her parent/guardian, and his or her arts instructor. This program is available every other year.