Art is all around us. It helps define our community and commemorate important people and events. It invites us in to public space and supports economic growth and civic vitality.

The Wichita Falls Alliance for Arts and Culture has become the primary advisor in producing murals and art in public places in Wichita Falls and the surrounding areas. Our role is to promote, educate, advise, and link artists to businesses, organizations, or individuals interested in the development of murals and other types of art.

Administrative Roles:

  • Budget & financial management
  • Create timeline
  • Human Resources
  • Site selection
  • Artists’ compensation
  • Contracts and permits
  • Insurance
  • Health & safety concerns
  • Reporting & communications
  • Events & celebration
  • Promotion & media relations
  • Maintenance schedule

Project Management Roles:

  • Liaison with artists/clients/ partners
  • Developing a work plan
  • Time management
  • On-site management
  • On-site health & safety
  • Community relations
  • Documentation
  • Reporting & communication
  • Event Management
  • Troubleshooting

Let us help you with your next creative project. For more information, contact the Wichita Falls Alliance for Arts and Culture at (940)500-4453 or by emailing