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Unconventional Paths to Success in the Arts – Saturday, May 18th

What does it mean to achieve success in the arts? Does it have to involve a benchmark that your parents would understand? Does it mean that all your dreams from your youth come true?

There are as many ways to success as there are artists. If an artist’s objective in their work is to break boundaries and express something unique, the ways in which they define their success should be just as free from constraints.

Musician and author Nick Jaina will lead a workshop with the objective of rethinking the career path as an artist to include all the adjustments, mistakes, and new opportunities that arise when trying to survive in a world that hasn’t always appreciated artists in financial ways.

Nick has co-founded a ballet company in New York City, led a band on cross-country tours, played music for money in the street, scored films soundtracks, written one-man shows, and authored three books. He has found a way to not only survive as an artist but remain vibrant, all without getting to sing a duet with Paul Simon at the Grammys that he had dreamed about as a child.

Important Note: “Recovering Creativity” workshops focus on wellness and creativity. They’re meant to complement, not replace, your mental health support.