We’re Ready

The arts help make our city unique! Artists and nonprofit arts and culture organizations work every day to engage residents in creative projects that celebrate the heritage of our region and push us to think about the arts as a lever for community building.

This work is more important now than ever before. Critical resources are stretched and the very essence of our daily lives is changing—and yet we rely on our thoughts and imagination to keep us connected to each other and to reflect on things remembered and hoped for.

Of all of life’s necessities, the arts and their contribution to our well-being is evident in how we spend so many hours for those of us confined to our homes. Momentary joy, even in dire circumstances, often comes through music, dance, history, storytelling and the many ways our families engage in expression.

COVID-19 is changing the way artists and nonprofit arts organizations deliver programs and activities to our community – but it will not change our mission to be of service. We stand together – ready to create, engage, educate, collaborate and bring you moments of joy.

The Wichita Falls Alliance for Arts and Culture, in partnership with local nonprofit and for-profit arts and culture partners, are working together to connect us to a world of reality and resilience – and to a world where anything is possible.

Together, our voices are stronger! Whether you’re exploring the arts online or in person – we are ready to respond.

Here’s how we’re responding:

There’s more work going on behind the scenes. Stay tuned for exciting announcements from The Wichita Falls Alliance for Arts and Culture!

Our Partners: