Thanks for taking the time to help The Alliance mark the places, people, organizations, and events of significance to the arts and culture of your community. By identifying our community’s cultural assets, we can better plan for the future to build the most sustainable and vibrant arts community we can imagine.

Please submit one form per cultural asset/individual referral.

What’s a Cultural Asset?

A Cultural Asset is something that has value because of its contribution to a community’s creativity, knowledge, traditions, culture, meaning, and vitality. They can be the places you visit to express your cultural identity, and/or the resources you use to pursue a creative practice. They can be tangible assets such as cultural facilities, specific buildings, or physical works of art. They can even be intangible and temporal things such as annual events, shared cultural stories, or cultural landmarks and icons that no longer exist. Cultural Assets can also be individual artists, cultural leaders, community groups, or others who actively participate in the arts and culture community.