The City of Wichita Falls has collaborated with the Wichita Falls Alliance of Arts & Culture to commission a professional visual artist or artist team to design and paint a four-sided, full-building mural on the exterior walls of a sewer lift station. A lift station is a pumping station that moves wastewater from a lower elevation to a higher elevation.

The lift station is located on Midwestern Parkway, within Weeks Park, across from the intersection of Midwestern Parkway and Irving Place. 

“The growth and vibrancy of Wichita Falls rely on water, and now wastewater resources,” said Daniel Nix, Utilities Operations Manager for the City of Wichita Falls. “Historically, that water and wastewater infrastructure have been invisible to the public eye. This is the citizens’ infrastructure. Not only should it operate well, but it should also be pleasing to the eye, as well. This mural project will change that invisibility by utilizing the arts and culture sector to celebrate some of the infrastructures that keep Wichita Falls running.”

There will be a mural dedication ceremony on Tuesday, December 20 at 2 pm.

About the Artist:

“Blank walls are so boring.”

Aaron Soto is an experienced portrait artist as well as a muralist. She practices in oils, acrylic, and all forms of dry media.

Soto has been drawing and painting since she can remember. Before her first mural, the largest thing she had painted was a 5’ by 3’ canvas. With a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from MSU Texas, Soto previously created the Sunset at the Falls mural inside the Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce.

Learn more about her work here.

Artist Rendering:

Artist Statement

“In this mural, I am focusing on the natural beauty of our area. Most of my work involves portraits and animals, and for this project, I’m focusing on species native to my home, Texas. Growing up, I would always be in the pastures around our house, looking for animals. I was always dirty from crawling around observing dung beetles, or picking up horny toads and feeling their soft underbellies. I hope this piece can remind anyone who grew up around here of that youthful fascination with wildlife. It also is going to look really cool.” – Lead Artist, Aaron Soto

Project Progression:

“I paint murals because they’re fun. They create something from nothing. They bring opportunity for interaction where before there was none.”


Click here for more pictures from the dedication