Structural Impressions: The Evolution of the Wichita County Courthouse

Explore the architectural journey of the Wichita County courthouse, tracing its evolution from inception to the present day. Explore how this landmark reflects changes in Wichita County’s cultural and economic landscape over time.

The Life and Legacy of Charlye Farris

The Wichita Falls Alliance for Arts and Culture, in partnership with the Wichita County Commissioners Court, pays tribute to the life and legacy of Charlye Ola Farris.

Among her many trailblazing accomplishments, Farris was the first African American woman licensed to practice law in the Lone Star State, the first woman to actively practice law in Wichita County, and the first African American to serve as a judge in the South since Reconstruction.

The exhibition explores a timeline of her life in context with the Civil Rights Movement and Wichita County History.