“InnerSpace: the Rabbit Hole of Technology and Scale” from 9th Street Studios

Mar 23, 2020

9th Street Studios invites us to disappear into a world of art that makes us feel Very Tall, Very Small and wonder if we even Exist at All. The spring exhibition; “InnerSpace: the Rabbit Hole of Technology and Scale” features the giant puppet sculptures of Kacy Latham (Munday, TX), the intricate miniatures of Travis Gale Lewis (Azle, TX) and the Virtual Reality creations of Melanie Clemmons (Dallas, TX).

Check out the links below for more information on our artists and the InnerSpace Installation.
Kacy Latham – http://www.9thstreetstudios.com/kacy-latham
Travis Gale Lewis – http://www.9thstreetstudios.com/travis-gale-lewis
Melanie Clemmons – http://www.9thstreetstudios.com/melanie-clemmons
Ant Farms – http://www.9thstreetstudios.com/nerd-herd

Special thanks to Jeanette Charos for video production.