While the Kell House was built in Neoclassic style, the family upgraded portions of the home with Victorian flair in 1919. The Victorian era is generally considered that of the reign of Queen Victoria, 1837-1901. While the house wasn’t built until after her death, her influence in style was felt for many years. So we felt it appropriate to highlight some Victorian slang… ‘X.X.’ meant ‘double excellent’ while ‘X.X.X.’ was triple excellent. Here we have an example of ‘X.X.’ Xtal. – or in more layman’s terms ‘Double Excellent Crystal.’  ‘Xtal.’ is an abbreviation for crystal. This punch bowl is on display in the dining room. It was a wedding gift to Mr. and Mrs. Walter Priddy on Nov. 19, 1914. Mr. Walter Priddy was the General Manager of the Wichita Mill and Elevator Company, of which Mr. Kell was the principal owner. It was given by Mr. and Mrs. Kell and the employees of the company. Mr. Robert Priddy, one of three Priddy sons, inherited it in 1982. He, in turn, gave it to the Kell House in 1999. Mr. Priddy was an oilman and Wichita Falls philanthropist who was instrumental in turning the Priddy Foundation into the respected community asset it is to this day.