The Kell House was built with gas lines, electricity, and indoor plumbing. Consider how advanced this was for 1909. While this is not the original Kell family stove, it is correct to the time period. This ‘Cribben & Sexton Universal’ cast iron cooking stove has eight burners and was made to burn wood on the left side and gas on the right side. The stove was used from 1919 until 1966.


Did you know that during World War I and II, certain food items were rationed? This was done so everyone could get a fair share of hard to come by items. Applesauce cake was popular because it used very little sugar, fat, or flour – all rationed ingredients. Moist and sweet, it is still delicious today. It even has its own day – June 6th! Click here to create your own applesauce cake.

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