“Windborne” (4′ w x 6.5′ h)
Mixed Media Drawing
“Stunned” (6.5′ w x 4′ h)
Mixed Media Drawing


Brief Description:
These pieces were both part of a larger series of work inspired by my personal journey through a time of change. The heron is a symbol of calm, stillness and tranquility. Having these traits and remaining present is necessary in order to recognize new opportunities in life. Herons also symbolize determination, perseverance and a sense of independence. They are a genuine inspiration and reminder for me to live my life in an honest and influential way.


Artist Bio:


Bailey Pitzer is a mixed media artist and educator located in Portland, Oregon. Through creating large scale drawings alongside sculptural ceramics of great blue herons, she is able to explore the relationship between self-reliance and change and how it affects her everyday life. Bailey has been working with 2D mediums for several years but has only recently transitioned into working with ceramics in 2017. Bailey is currently a trustee on the board for K-12 Clay after being voted on in March 2019.

She has had the honor of putting the Self-Reliance Battles Change Series on permanent display at Midwestern State University as well as trading her piece Choked Up and Changing for a vessel crafted by Noe Quezada, an artist out of Mata Ortiz, Mexico. She has had her work displayed by the Wichita Falls Art Alliance out of Wichita Falls, Texas in the summer of 2019 as well as her undergraduate exhibition hosted by the Juanita Harvey Gallery at MSU Texas in May 2019.

Contact Information:
email – baileyapitzer@gmail.com
instagram – @bailesovart

“Heron coloring page to have set around for kids to enjoy.  I’d encourage them to just use the primary colors while they color”- Bailey Pitzer