Auria Sanchez-Henriquez


Copper, Enameling and Etching

Pendant 4 ½ x 4 inches

Brief Description:
“Pajaritos” (Little Birds), It is a combination of symbols and colors that indigenous women in Panama wear in their clothing daily. The difference is that these indigenous women make their designs in cloth and thread, and I use copper and enamel to make my

Artist Bio: I am a metal artist. I was born in Panama, Republic of Panama. I have lived in Texas for 19 years. Since 2016, I have been working in jewelry exploring the copper and enameling process. The colorful essence of the indigenous culture of my country inspires me
to create a series of necklaces that represent the beauty of Panamanian woman. My Jewelry explore the traditional Panamanian interest in animals and floral motifs which is exemplified in my artwork.

Contact Info:
Instagram: @auriaesh