The City of Wichita Falls (The City) has entered into an agreement with the Wichita Falls Alliance for Arts and Culture (The Alliance) to:

  1. manage and review arts funds disbursements from The City, ensure distributed funds support projects that are designed to increase tourism and promote the city’s economic base;
  2. compile and produce for The City final reports and evaluations of all grants made using City funds to Wichita Falls arts and cultural organizations;
  3. provide management and technical assistance support to all potential applicants in an effort to improve the quality of services proposed for the public; and
  4. provide promotional support to encourage participation in arts and cultural services by residents and visitors to Wichita Falls and the surrounding region.

To accomplish these goals, The Alliance views its primary role as one of a resource partner and collaborator, poised to strengthen and advance the work of Wichita Falls artists and organizations.

The Alliance feels that it is important to involve arts professionals, patrons, educators, corporate supporters, and representatives of the City’s diverse community at large in reviewing grant requests.

All Review Panelists and members of the Alliance staff abide by the City’s Code of Ethics and Conflict of Interest Policy and sign a conflict of interest statement annually.

The 2024-2025 Grant Application will open on February 27.