Category 1

Operating Support Grants or Program Support Grants

(Organizations may apply for either Operating Support or Program Support)

Operating Support Grants provide unrestricted operating funds to provide regular programming activities and administration. Operating Support grants assist organizations in fulfilling their missions by providing funds to maintain their stability and encourage their advancement. These grants provide general operating support to Wichita Falls arts organizations to continue, strengthen, and expand their programs. Organizations may request up to $10,000 in this category and shall not exceed 50% of their “cash” operating budget. A 1:1 cash match is required.

Program Support Grants support an ongoing or short-term arts program or project performed or presented in the City of Wichita Falls. Programs or projects should engage or benefit the residents of the City of Wichita Falls and visitors to the city. Programs should be designed to increase access to high-quality arts; increase opportunities for artists to create and present their work; or expand arts education opportunities for young people. Organizations may request up to $10,000 in this category and shall not exceed 50% of the “cash” program/project budget. A 1:1 cash match is required.

Category 2

Innovation Grants

Innovation grants encourage organizations to invite individual artists and artists’ teams to work with their organization to develop projects that encourage innovative, thought-provoking projects; or projects that allow for guest artists to be in residence focusing on community engagement and creation of new works. Organizations are able to apply for the Innovation Grant in addition to either the Operating Grant, or the Program Grant. Organizations may request up to $3,000 in this category. All projects must result in a Community Engagement Activity, performance or exhibition for the public.

General Information and Definition of Terms:

Grant Review: Applicants will have an opportunity to present their proposals to The Review Panel at the time of its consideration. The Executive Director and at least one Board member from the applicant organization should attend.

Most Recently Completed Year and Current Year: defined by the applicant’s fiscal year.

Grant Year: the fiscal year you are requesting funding, as defined as the City.  All awarded grant funds must be used within the City’s Fiscal Year: October 1-September 30.

Grant Submission: All applications must be submitted online by the deadline.

Required Attachments:

  1. Copy of the organization’s IRS Letter of Determination
  2. Key personnel biographical statements
  3. Board Roster with Professional Affiliations
  4. Approved Organizational Budget Page(s)
  5. Copy of artistic work sample and description of project (if applicable)

Optional attachments:

  • Project or Organizational Marketing Plan
  • Fundraising Plan
  • Strategic Plan (if less than three years old)
  • Bio and Work Samples of guest artists (suggested for Innovation Grants)

The Grant Contract: The approved application form represents an agreement between The Alliance and the applicant. The applicant will comply with all conditions set forth in the application form or if requested approved project revisions. Grant recipients are required to respond in a timely manner to all requests for information required by The Alliance and the City of Wichita Falls. Two signatures will be required on the application and certification forms, preferably from the Executive Director and board treasurer or president.

Activities that receive financial support from The Alliance must take place within the fiscal year for which the grant was awarded unless otherwise approved by The Alliance.

Acknowledgment: All grant recipients are required to credit the City of Wichita Falls and The Alliance, and use their logos when appropriate, on all printed materials relating to activities supported by the City of Wichita Falls and The Alliance.

Final Reports: A Final Report is required following the completion of the projects for all grants. Failure to submit a Final Report will render the organization ineligible to apply for and receive a grant for the next grant cycle.

To request additional information about any section of this material, or if you need clarification on any items, call The Alliance office at (940) 500-4451 or email your questions to