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Artists Jacobie Genus and Brea’n Thompson have been busy creating the final two murals commissioned by the Wichita Falls Alliance for Arts and Culture as part of the Eastside Mural Project. Both murals are set to be unveiled to the public within the next two weeks. The canvas for ‘Jacobie’s Wall,’ is a retaining wall at the Wichita Falls Housing Authority community on Harding Street and Holland Avenue.

This mural was designed by Genus and installed as a collaborative effort with a team of local artists. ‘Jacobie’s Wall’ will be revealed on Thursday, June 27th at 11:30 AM. Guests are asked to park along Marconi Street or Holland Avenue and walk over to the grassy area in front of the mural, the perfect vantage point for viewing the installation. Materials and paint supplies for this project were provided by the Wichita Falls Housing Authority.

Genus says, “I want this mural to bring positive energy to the community. The words on the mural, peace, love, unity, and respect, represent what I want everyone, especially young people, to remember as they see this artwork. When they go to school and come home – I want them to think about those words every day.”

The final mural, ‘In Motion,’ was conceived and designed by Brea’n Thompson. It will be unveiled on Tuesday, July 2nd at 11:30 AM at Beacon Lighthouse for the Blind located at 300 7th Street.

Thompson says, “This project is incredibly important to me. I’ve never done a mural that brought light to an issue in quite this way. Everyone at Beacon Lighthouse has been so supportive of me and the team of artists who helped create this artwork, this mural is about them and for them. I wanted to create a work that was accessible to our neighbors with all levels of vision and no vision. Everyone deserves to experience beauty.”

“All of the artists involved in this project have made powerful statements with their work. Each of the four murals, particularly these final two, reframe the landscape and give our eyes so many places to land,” says Margie Reese, Executive Director of the Wichita Falls Alliance for Arts and Culture. “It is important to our board of directors and to me that we make the arts accessible and visible – I am proud to say that we are meeting that challenge.”

Both events will allow the public to meet the artists and hear from community members involved with the projects. The Eastside Mural project has been funded in part by the Libra Foundation (John Hirschi), The Texas Commission on the Arts, with additional support from The Felix Lister Elks Lodge, David Brock, the Wichita Falls Housing Authority, and Beacon Lighthouse for the Blind.