We are committed to putting artists to work – and to engaging partners in those efforts. Artists work every day to engage residents in creative projects that celebrate our region’s heritage. They push us to think about our communities in new ways.

Explore our latest projects and partnerships!

A+ Projects

The Wichita Falls Alliance for Arts and Culture is helping parents and teachers connect the arts to academic requirements. The A+ Initiative provides an arts-integrated approach to reinforcing the basic knowledge and skills children need to stay on grade level and enhance their academic learning. Explore learning guides, art activities and lesson plans designed for…

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Downtown Wichita Falls Mural

Our work to bring more art to public spaces continues in 2021 with a four-story mural installation in Downtown Wichita Falls. Artists and project designers Jesse Baggett and Steve Hilton will work with MSU Texas Fine Arts students to complete this project. Margie Reese, Executive Director of the Wichita Falls Alliance for Arts and Culture,…

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Lift Station #25 Mural Project

To be unveiled in Fall 2022 The City of Wichita Falls has collaborated with the Wichita Falls Alliance of Arts & Culture to commission a professional visual artist or artist team to design and paint a four-sided, full-building mural on the exterior walls of a sewer lift station. A lift station is a pumping station…

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The Legends Project: Charlye O. Farris

The Wichita Falls Alliance for Arts and Culture plans to install a permanent, life-size bronze statue of the late Charyle O. Farris as part of “The Legends Project,” an effort to honor North Texas legends and trailblazers. Farris holds the distinction of becoming the first African-American woman licensed to practice law in Texas, the first…

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