Request for Proposal

Deadline to Submit: September 15 2023, 11:59 p.m.

Project Summary 

The Burkburnett Chamber of Commerce and Burkburnett ISD have collaborated with the Wichita Falls Alliance for Arts & Culture (WFAAC) to commission a professional visual artist or artist team to design and paint a temporary mural with engagement from the community. The mural will be installed at 301 E. 3rd St, Burkburnett, TX 76354.


Project Background and Goals 

The mural site is in the heart of Burkburnett and is in a well-trafficked area. The Chamber of Commerce recognizes the value of art as part of an effort to revitalize downtown Burkburnett.

The Artist will submit a design that will be painted by the community as part of a fundraiser for the Burkburnett Chamber of Commerce. The detail work will be completed by students, and led by WFAAC Art in Public Places Project Manager Ferdine LeBlanc.

The Burkburnett Chamber of Commerce will become the sole owner of the artwork at the end of the project and reserves the right to replace the artwork at any time and for any reason. 

The goals of this mural project are: 

  • Beautify a public asset  
  • Foster community pride 
  • Contribute to the vitality and attractiveness of the urban environment 
  • Foster community collaboration and partnerships 
  • Add to the growing collection of free public art displays within Burkburnett 

The project should meet all of the following objectives: 

  • Create an appealing mural that invites public interest.
  • Create a mural that is reflective of the unique history and resources of the City of Burkburnett.
  • Incorporate a design that utilizes only five colors, to be executed in a “Paint by Numbers” process. 

Design Standards 

The Burkburnett Chamber of Commerce supports high-quality artwork that is relevant to this region of Texas and has the support of the local community.  Mural proposals must exhibit excellence in design, material, and application that will enhance the overall development and appearance of the site. Diverse mural themes/content are encouraged but must be acceptable to a broad audience of all ages.   

Without trying to suppress the creativeness of the artist or artist teams, the following guidelines must be adhered to for a successful design: 

  • Words, numbers, lettering or symbols are discouraged. 
  • Logos, advertising, signage, and other branding are prohibited. 
  • Murals shall not contain material protected under copyright law, unless written permission is obtained by the artists and provided to WFAAC. 
  • The artwork must be apolitical and non-religious. 
  • Mural shall not exhibit vulgarity, discriminatory, violent, or pornographic content, or any other visual expression deemed offensive or derogatory. 

Selected Theme 

The artist(s) should consider the following concepts or themes when envisioning the design for this project: The unique character of Burkburnett, its history, architecture, natural settings, landmarks, or local traditions. 

Paint Specifications 

Burkburnett Chamber of Commerce desires the mural to last up to 2 years without noticeable fading or needing to be repainted. Artists will utilize paint that meets the specifications set forth by WFAAC to achieve the durability and lifespan established above. 

Building Dimensions 

See attached photos and general conditions below. 

Mural Size: 16’ width x 8’ height   

Artist Eligibility 

  • Artist and Artist Teams may apply.
  • Artists must be a student of Burkburnett ISD and enrolled in Mr. Silva or Ms. Johnson’s art class to submit a proposal.
  • Artists must submit original material. 

Evaluation Criteria 

Qualifications will be evaluated by a selection panel on the following criteria and point scale:  

Quality of Work: (1–50 points). The design submitted is original and appropriate for all ages. (1–50 points).  

Appropriateness of Work to Project: (1–50 points). Proposed artwork shows the artist or artist team is likely to be considerate of the site’s place in the local community and the cultural, historical, or physical context surrounding it.  

Timeline (subject to change

Week of August 21:  RFP Opens 

September 15:  Deadline to Submit  Proposals

Week of September 18:  Committee Review/Selection 

September 20:  Design Selection Announced

October 7: Community partially paints mural

Week of October 8:  Class finalizes mural details

November: Installation, mural unveiling & dedication

Weather will determine much of the painting timeline. Artists will work with WFAAC to get a contract signed and paint purchased. Artists will have 60 days to complete the mural once a design has been selected.

Submission Requirements 

To apply, please submit applications electronically by (September 8th, 11:59 p.m.) The application can be found here. Incomplete applications will be deemed ineligible and will not be considered.  

A complete application must include:  

1. CONTACT INFORMATION including full name, mailing address, telephone, and email. Teams must identify one team member as primary contact. 

2. STATEMENT OF INTEREST (PDF or DOC format only, 2 pages max) in creating a new, original mural for the City of Wichita Falls. For teams, include a description of each member’s role on the team.  

3. ARTIST BIO (PDF or DOC format only) 1 page max per artists. Teams must submit a CV or resume for each muralist on the team.  

4. ONE (1) PROPOSED DESIGN (JPG format only, 72 DPI min + 5 MB max per file) of completed artwork

5. PROJECT DESCRIPTION of the uploaded image files. Include a brief description of what you envision for the mural and why the selection committee should choose your work.

WFAAC will serve as the project manager, and the selected artist or artist team will work directly with WFAAC staff to schedule painting and acquire paint for the project.