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Backdoor Theatre wants to share your story for its upcoming production of “The Cover of Life”, which is centered around three brides of three brothers deployed during World War II. The nonprofit will be using its lobby space to create its own story – your story, our community’s story.

“Part of our job as a community theatre is storytelling,” Officials said. “We share stories and perspectives that may be new to our audiences.”

Backdoor Theatre is looking to display images and stories of service members from that era. If you have images and a story they can display and share, you are asked to contact Jessica Wood at 940-322-5000 or email

The Cover of Life opens on May 6. You can grab your tickets here. Hear more from Jessica Wood about the project here.

Tood, Weetsie, and Sybill are brides in rural Louisiana in 1943, and each married to a Cliffert brother. The men are off to war, and a local news story about these young wives intrigues Henry Luce. He decides that they belong on the cover of Life Magazine and assigns Kate Miller to the story. She has been covering the war in Europe and, though she views doing a “women’s piece” as a career setback, she accepts because it will be her first cover story. Kate spends a week with the Cliffert women, and her haughty urban attitude gives way to sympathy as she begins to understand them while coming face-to-face with her powerlessness in a man’s world. â€‹Filled with charm and grit, “The Cover of Life” is a deeply affecting story about the struggle for self-worth.