The Alliance has developed an Artist Roster, a database (including artists’ biographies, areas of expertise, and contact information) of area artists and art education professionals to build a broad and culturally diverse database of artists and arts entrepreneurs in our community.

The Alliance Artists Roster is a service to schools, libraries, arts organizations, event organizers, businesses, and other service providers in our area who often want to engage creative folks and artists to work with them. And of course – we want to bring more visibility to the artists who live and work in our community!

The Artist Roster is open to any area artist who feels they have arts experiences to share, as long as they provide the necessary information and can define what they have to offer.

To submit your information – or to let us know of artists in the community that we should include, contact us at or click the button below.

Artist Registration

Logan Lofgren

I specialize in: Graphic Design, Drawing

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Logan Lofgren, a Texas-born illustration artist, attended the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), where he received BFA in Illustration. He has studied and created his illustration artworks.

He explores the various skills, which specialize his artwork of surrealism arts, cartoons, caricatures, graphic novels, and illustration in general. Most recently, Logan received AAS degree of Graphic Design. His goal is to become an illustration artist.

My work is created traditionally and digitally by using drawing and painting. The illustration artwork is based on the idea and theme that it can be seen as imaginary or imagery. It would be a variety of visual images such as visual pun and etc. While I expressly draw the illustration within the image in my mind or play with the form, abstract, and doodle included with the abstract thoughts and emotions. The process of my work involves thought-provoking and decision-making by using sketch to experiment on and brainstorming with ideas and then drawing. The visualization of complex idea and variety element with the image of the aspect of emotional, informational, narrational, observational, and inspirational.

Logan acquires his drawing skills that develop as in the work, processing through traditional drawings and sketches, which he is improving every day. At five, Logan drew many inspired cartoons he saw from television, especially his favorite cartoon, Ren and Stimpy Show. That’s when his passion of drawing started to grew. He saw himself as an artist or cartoonist. Also, he expressly drew a comic book of his beloved cartoon of his own narration to tell a tale. His desires to create children’s book illustrations, book covers, posters, and working with clients for his illustration works. Also, creating many variety of single and series illustrations.

Logan can be contacted at or Also, can be contracted at VP (Video Phone) (940) 312-7098.

Eddie Mandela

I specialize in: Drawing, airbrushing

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Eddie Mandela is a Wichita Falls native specializing in cartoons, kustom kulture art, signs, pinstriping, airbrushed t-shirts, and art. He has been involved in local car shows, outdoor festivals, and Comicon events for 35 years. You can find hundreds of samples of his art on his Facebook page.

Siobhan Mason

I specialize in: Graphic Design, Painting, Drawing

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My name is Siobhan Mason and I’m an artist who lives in Wichita Falls, Texas. I earned my degree in Journalism with an emphasis in advertising from New Mexico State University. After graduating, my husband, Roy, and I moved to Wichita Falls, Texas where I worked as an award winning graphic artist at the local paper and a local ad agency. Taking a 20 year break from work to raise my two boys, Sam and Riley, my first opportunity to get back into the art world came when a local group put on the Mane Event. This was a chance for artists to paint a horse that would be on display around town. I submitted a design and was chosen to paint a horse which is on display at a local high school. The group then asked me to paint a second horse which is on display in town. I’ve had two shows through the Kemp Center for the Arts and I am a member of the Wichita Falls Art Association.

My pen and ink art developed from my doodling in high school. I would start with a small circle and added geometric designs in the circles radiating out. Because of my journalism background, my work almost always includes words.

Jennifer McLarty

I specialize in: Painting, Drawing, Pottery, Teaching Artist

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Helping Others Find the Artist Within and Beauty in Everything - Pottery is my medium of choice, but I have instructed other art mediums as well, such as painting, drawing, cut paper and more.

For adults and teens, I have offered a time with friends that adds a creative spark to a typical night out with a social, hand-building pottery or canvas painting experience. On my own, I work mostly with the medium of clay, but am still on a journey to find myself as an artist. I enjoy creating most forms of art.

Nadia Menchaca

I specialize in: Graphic Design, Media Arts, Muralist/Public Art, Painting

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Nadia Menchaca currently attends Midwestern State University, where she will earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Although she experiments with a wide variety of media, her major emphasis consists of painting and photography. Outside of school and work, Nadia focuses on bringing light and attention to the LGBTQ+ community.

Vickie J. Milam-Milligan

I specialize in: Painting

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Vickies love of all things artful began years ago while working in Downtown Development and Historic Preservation for 28 years. After retiring she created "The Artful Life" and began painting in 2006 and never looked back. A Gypsy Artist claiming art is her therapy is involved in community and has a studio The Lilly Pad located at 600 8th Street.

Audra Miller

I specialize in: Muralist/Public Art, Painting, Sculpture/3D

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Audra Miller is a self-taught abstract multimedia artist that loves the process of creating! Audra’s art is about the process, nothing more, nothing less. As in life, her practice of making art allows the paint to lead her path as she looks and waits to see the direction her art will take her. The ups and downs of life have taught Audra that she does not have control over what will happen, but she does control how to handle what may happen along the way. She explores this same practice in her artwork. Exploration of a variety of media allows for an interesting result that directs her art path. Audra grew up in a rural area, learning a variety of things along the way. She raised animals, grew a garden, rebuilt cars with her father, practiced woodworking, and learned to in those years. Audra even worked at a gas station changing oil and detailing cars while in college. Growing up Audra strived for perfection and fell short time and time again. She dealt with her own demons of depression and began seeing the world in a different light. During this time, she began to notice the struggles of others and their demons. As an art teacher, she watches and notices the struggles of her students, and she has vowed to make a difference in the lives of others socially and emotionally through her practice of art!

Audra’s practice includes visual art, public art, collaborative art, and community art. She leads meaningful community art projects to empower her students with social and emotional skills for their futures. Audra knows the depths of vulnerability being an artist can bring and hopes to channel that vulnerability into relatable compassion through her art. Audra brings a “flawsome” attitude where her art travels, hoping to leave the reminder to embrace your flaws because they are truly what makes you awesome!

You can find her work on Instagram:

Michael A. Mitchell

I specialize in: Photography

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I was raised in Henrietta/Clay County, TX. While working in West Texas for the Boy Scouts of America, I started telling my family about all of the ghost towns and cool abandoned things that were around. My parents asked that I start taking pictures and bought me a cheap digital camera. Everyone started saying "wow, you've got a great eye". Since that time in 2003, I have purchased better equipment and learned more and more about techniques, editing and just photography in general.

I call my style rusty and crusty. I mostly take photos of landscapes, abandoned things like cars, trucks, barns and houses and occasionally a few animals. Our society today likes to throw things away and go get something new. With that, we are getting rid of a lot of old things that are still around. These old cars, barn and houses are being torn down to make room for new houses or to "pretty up" the property. I endeavor to capture these abandoned things before they are gone and although I may not know their story, I have at least captured them for future generations to see what it was like.

Michael A. Mitchell
Howling Coyote Photography

Selena Mize

I specialize in: Muralist/Public Art, Painting

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Selena Mize is a visual artist working and living in Wichita Falls, Texas. She graduated from Midwestern State University in May 2018 with her Bachelor's in Fine Art. Her major emphasis was painting and her minor emphasis was drawing. She specializes in oil and watercolor paintings, and has knowledge of screenprinting. As a hobby, she does videography - documenting social events, trips, and her time spent with her loved ones.

Paula Noyes

I specialize in: Stained Glass Art and Jewelry

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Native to the area, Paula has been working with stained glass for more than 10 years. She enjoys making one-of-a-kind suncatchers, jewelry, and mosaics.

Precious Okoye

I specialize in:

Morgan Page

I specialize in: Graphic Design, Photography

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Morgan Page is a conceptual artist and graphic designer. She primarily works in photography, installation, video, collage, and textiles. Her recent research interests include immigration, migration, and textiles. Page received her M.F.A. from Rutgers University's Mason Gross School of the Arts in New Brunswick, NJ and her B.F.A. from the University of Houston's School of Art in Houston, TX. She has exhibited widely regionally and nationally. Her recent two-person exhibitions include the Dallas Center for Photography, the Red River Valley Museum, and the Museum of North Texas History. Her project "Bones of Texas" is under contract with the University of Texas Press to be published as a book. Her recent publications include Book of the Disappeared: The Quest for Transnational Justice (inclusion of her print "Stolen") by Jennifer Heath and Ashraf Zahedi (University of Michigan Press). She has also participated in an international print exchange, "Supporting Indigneous Sisters: An International Print Exchange" that is currently on view at the Donkey Mill Art Center in Holualoa, HI and will go to the Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts in Lubbock, TX next. Morgan Page was awarded the Jane Spears Carnes Fellowship from MSU Texas in 2022.