The Alliance has developed an Artist Roster, a database (including artists’ biographies, areas of expertise, and contact information) of area artists and art education professionals to build a broad and culturally diverse database of artists and arts entrepreneurs in our community.

The Alliance Artists Roster is a service to schools, libraries, arts organizations, event organizers, businesses, and other service providers in our area who often want to engage creative folks and artists to work with them. And of course – we want to bring more visibility to the artists who live and work in our community!

The Artist Roster is open to any area artist who feels they have arts experiences to share, as long as they provide the necessary information and can define what they have to offer.

To submit your information – or to let us know of artists in the community that we should include, contact us at or click the button below.

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Urissanna Roberson

I specialize in: Music, Theatre

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Urissanna has earned a B.F.A. in Radio/TV/Film and a M.Ed. in Educational Leadership. She currently serves the Wichita Falls ISD as a 5th grade science teacher. She is a professional educator, motivational speaker, performer, and personal life coach with over 20 years of experience working with individuals, schools, colleges, and community groups to further their personal and organizational goals.

As an elementary educator, Urissanna has developed curriculum, mentored teachers, and trained teachers in best practices. She worked in institutional advancement as a director of public relations for a college. Urissanna has keynoted for colleges, schools, and organizations across Texas. Her love for performance has led her to establish her own theatre company.

Urissanna’s unique repertoire includes a variety of theatrical and musical stylings. She is most passionate about inspiring others to recognize and actualize their full potential while living and loving life. Urissanna desires to inspire each individual to use their gifts and talents to live their passion so that they could reach their individual natural potential.

Paul W. Roberts

I specialize in: Leather Craft

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My name is Paul Roberts. I was born in Cincinnati, Ohio. I moved to Wichita Falls in the fall of 1969. I began working with leather when I was in the Boy Scouts. It was not long until I loss interest in belts, billfolds and purses. After a long break from leather craft I ran across the idea of carving pictures on leather. This put me back into the art of leather craft. Soon I got the idea of making the pictures 3D. I am self taught in the art of pictorial carving on leather. I won best of show in the East Texas fair with a reproduction of The Lord’s Supper on a 3 by 5 foot piece of leather. I have had my art of pictorial carving on leather shown at The Kemp Center of the Arts. Each piece brings on the challenge to improve my technique. I have developed a wood grain pattern which I put on most of the pictures that I do to make a frame. Recently I have started doing landscapes in which the trees have texture (leaves), the animals have fur and the fallen logs have bark. One of my biggest challenges is with the coloring of the leather. I must take into considering the tint of the leather itself and what effects it will have.

Tom Roberts

I specialize in: Sculpture/3D

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Born in Austin Texas, he has migrated all around this great state, then North to the Red River bottoms near the historic town of Byers. Tom met and married a Clay County Cowgirl, now residing there with their little dog Bella.
His career as an artist started early, when, as a typical kid brother, he copied his older sibling's efforts at sketching and quickly picked up a pencil. These early attempts at drawing grew into a career starting in 1989 as a professional design draftsman. Drawing on a drafting table for years using tools like lead holders, protractors, squares etc. Always saying "That's when drafting was fun, now with computer's it's work". As technology progressed to computers, his tools have changed as well.
While in high school, an art class project to sculpt in clay planted a seed that has been smoldering for some years now. A long-time family friend, Professor and Master Sculptor, Richard Davis with The University of North Texas, challenged him to sculpt and gave him a block of wax. The wax sat unused for years until he was inspired by a chance encounter with the Western Artist/Sculptor Jim Miller. Once again, this time being challenged by Him to sculpt, Tom responded and finally started sculpting.
Inspired by people and the struggles of everyday life, he now pursues an accurate representation of his subject matter through realistic depictions of a working-western-outdoor lifestyle. Admiring people who put on gloves and work hard to make a living, he strives to depict this beauty.
Tom knows all credit goes to his loving-supportive wife, family and foremost to God.

Charlie “ChaSue” Roberts

I specialize in: Crafts, Painting, Music

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My name is Charlie Roberts, otherwise known as Cha Sue. I have been making art and playing music my entire life.

In 2017, I formed the Angry Girls Art Collective here in Wichita Falls and curated a group art show at 9th Street Studios in the Spring of 2019. In the Spring of 2022, I went back to school to start my path toward achieving a Bachelor of Arts degree so that one day I may land a job in the art field.

AmbeR Day Scott

I specialize in: Printmaking, Sculpture/3D, Teaching Artist, Mixed Media

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AmbeR Day Scott is a spritely mixed-media artist who uses intrigue and exploration to connect with her viewer.

After earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2001, AmbeR spent years experimenting with new formats to present her creations outside of the studio and gallery environment. Recently, she has worked with a variety of Arts and Cultural organizations, to create multiple large-scale, temporary artistic experiences. These collaborations were designed to engage greater portions of the community in the production and appreciation of art.

Since 2018, she has had a wide variety of opportunities as the Gallery Director of 9th Street Studios and as the Administrative Assistant of the Wichita Falls Alliance for Arts and Culture. Her personal artwork has been featured in multiple group exhibitions in Wichita Falls, the Tulsa Nude Art Show, Juxtapose Gallery in Rosendale NY and Pedroche Gallery in Dallas TX.

AmbeR currently lives and works in Wichita Falls, TX.

Crimson Shults

I specialize in: Literary Arts, Muralist/Public Art, Painting

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A native of Austin, artist Crimson Shults grew up influenced by the iconic mix of hamburger joints on The Drag, live music on Town Lake and winding trails through limestone and oak trees. After spending an entire spring break reading “Lonesome Dove,” she later found herself working for author Larry McMurtry in Archer City. Following, Crimson earned her BBA in Finance and her Master of Arts in English/History at Midwestern State University under Poet Laureate of Texas, James Hoggard. As a professional painter, Crimson has exhibited from Santa Fe to New Orleans—keenly aware that each place has its own heartbeat and identity. She is passionate about using her creative talents to support communities’ unique cultural and historical identities to inspire its people, grow businesses and attract visitors to the city.

Antuan Simmons

I specialize in: Literary Arts, Poetry, Spoken Word

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Antuan Simmons is a poet from Wichita Falls, Texas. He has been writing poetry for 22 years and has published 6 books of poetry. He has hosted an open mic and done poetry readings at several poetry venues. He has had book signings in Texas, and Oklahoma. His poetry has been featured in several literary publications, and also in his local newspaper.

He also has a spoken word CD called ‘AntuanLive’ showcasing his poetry. Antuan has also founded a t-shirt clothing brand called ‘Inspired Reading’ which promotes and encourages literacy. Simmons is also the founder of American Poet 16 - a clothing line that encourages and inspires more people to consume and appreciate beautiful poetry and literature.

Kiera Simmons

I specialize in: Dance

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I'm Kiera, the owner & director of Little Hearts Dance studio. I love being able to share my love for dance with little hearts. I truly feel blessed to get to dance with such beautiful souls each and every day.

After graduating as the senior captain of the Hirschi Hilites drill team, I started helping coach other teams throughout Wichita Falls. Eventually, I began teaching through the City of Wichita Falls Parks and Recreation Department. I opened Little Hearts Dance studio in Wichita Falls.

Robert Smith

I specialize in: Drawing

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I've been drawing since I could hold a pencil and over the years I've won a few competitions and had my art displayed at MSU and the Wichita Falls Museum. Now I'm just a struggling artist trying to sell his work and do commissions.

Kathy Smyers

I specialize in: Weavings and Tapestries

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Raised in Hobbs, New Mexico, the beauty and color of nature shows in Kathy’s weavings and tapestries. Her designs display traditional Rio Grande style while incorporating French tapestry techniques. She weaves in her she-shed with her Australian shepherds in attendance.

While showing horses, she was introduced to not only the beauty but the utility of Navajo saddle blankets. Kathy was able to take lessons from native artisans in northern New Mexico in 2015. Once she learned the basics of Rio Grande style weaving and the utility of Churro wool, her imagination was whetted. Her first pieces were saddle blankets and table runners. The weaving styles used were Rio Grande stripes, Chimayo and Saltillo. She now incorporates these weaving styles with leather on her unique purses and totes. Kathy’s tapestry weavings depict landscapes, seascapes and flowers. These works of art have been juried into national and international art shows, receiving first place honors at several. Saddle Blanket 2018 was used at the 2018 Induction Ceremony held at the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame.

Kathy is based near Holliday, Texas. Her work can be seen at her studio. She frequently has pieces at The Gallery in Wichita Falls, Texas.

Aaron Soto

I specialize in: Muralist/Public Art, Painting

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Hello, I’m Aaron and I’m an artist residing in Wichita Falls, TX. I take private commissions as well as public art installations. Feel free to email me with business inquiries and to request a consult.