I specialize in: Crafts, Painting, Drawing

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Hello, this is z0mbietreat. a little about me I love drawing and making things. I love my kids, my husband, anime, and video games. I’ve been drawing since I was a small child. it was something I really loved and kept doing, and it’s taking me years of practice to draw the way I do. I’ve had to teach myself how to do all of it. I just keep drawing, I never went to any school. I say this because everyone always asks "Where did you learn to do that? Who taught you how to do that?" And my all-time favorite, "Who did you inherit that skill from," as if it’s something passed down through a bloodline, instead of something that you earn and practice. I did it myself. I couldn’t afford art schools, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give me a chance or that you shouldn’t like my art just because I couldn’t go to an actual art school. I still put in the work of practicing and drawing every day and always trying to make things training myself all the time I love doing all kinds of art things. And if you’re stuck with me this far and read this whole paragraph, thank you very much. Any support you offer is highly appreciated. I’m just a small time artist trying to do my best to make it. Any kind support is highly appreciated.