I specialize in: Muralist/Public Art, Painting

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Meagan Russell is an artist whose primary focus is painting and graphic design. She attained her BFA in painting from Midwestern State University. Currently, she teaches art to ages K-12 at the Dexter Private school in Wichita Falls Texas. When she is not teaching, she is pursuing local commissions and creating new landscape paintings from her travels.

Her body of work consists of a series of paintings that depict nostalgic landscapes using inventive color from childhood memories, or the obstruction of architecture in nature. As a child she was exposed to a very joyful, rural country life in both western Virginia and western New York. Along with her young adult experiences in Germany, these experiences influenced the vibrant color work in her artwork. Joy and peace are key foundations in her artwork and beliefs. The artist hopes to share these experiences of her faith and childhood with the audience through natural and human made environments with strategic color work.