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Katie Crosbie Holland is a true Wichita Falls enthusiast! She moved here in 2007 for a reporting job at KFDX and fell in love with this friendly, welcoming community. Getting to share people’s stories for five years was one of her greatest honors. Next, her career took her to the pharmaceutical industry, where she spent a decade in sales, training, and project management. Katie met her husband, Doug, while he was in pilot training at Sheppard Air Force Base. They spent several years in Florida, but now they’re thrilled to be back in the land of “blue skies, golden opportunities!” Doug is now a T-6 instructor at Sheppard.

Katie’s debut children’s book, “Reach the Magic,” will be released in August/September (bluebonnetbooksforkids.com). It’s a fun, heartwarming story that celebrates the power of giving someone a chance, the lasting impact of teachers, and the beauty of unexpected friendship. It also weaves in themes of inclusion and literacy. Katie is passionate about inspiring kids to work hard to achieve their dreams, and about celebrating the stories that bind us together.