I specialize in: Painting, Segmented woodturning, Silversmithing and Lapidary

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As long as I can remember I have always been drawn to art and handmade objects. As young person I spent hours and hours drawing, taking apart discarded objects and building with Lego blocks. I also loved visiting the library. Often times I would take home books on art, animals, machines and other sorts. I would often wander up and down the aisle looking for books that would catch my eye. One such book was “The Living Tradition of Maria Martinez”. I was fascinated by her and her family’s pottery. Years later after working as a carpenter and bringing home scrap pieces of exotic woods. I decided to try segmented woodturning.

I especially love western and Southwest art in all its forms. My leather work, drawing and Oil paintings, my lapidary and silverwork all are heavily influenced from that love to a heavy degree.