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Brea’n Thompson is a Florida-based muralist and artist. She was born in Houston, Texas in 1989. While working on her B.A. in Earth and Environmental Science/Geology from University of Las Vegas Nevada, she became inspired to pursue a career in the arts using her experience in Geology to influence her work. As a synesthete, she utilizes her unique ability to see colors in the sounds she hears. Many of her paintings incorporate vibrant colors and lively textures to depict the movement of music. Implementing the effects of textured brushwork, Brea’n seeks to convey the swirl of colors embedded deep in her mind’s eye. Layered with mystery, a playful flirtation with the occult, she uses vibrant colors and interesting textures to create portraits with intimate views into other dimensions that evoke new perceptions of melody and rhythm. Through her work, Brea’n strives to unmask what it means to be human and what happens when you no longer are.