I specialize in: Painting, Fine art digital imaging and giclee printing

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With roots in the Midwest, Texas and travels across the United States, the landscape has inspired Becky Reeder in her paintings and in her interior design work. Becky is moved by nature, but also by the interior environment. She believes the comfort of home, where moments and memories are made, is vital to a person’s well-being. Her artwork is a simple representation of her travels and the places that remind her of home. Nothing makes her happier than to know that one of her paintings will help make someone else’s home or workplace a little more joyful. Becky's oil paintings are full of life, rich in color and subtle in spirit. Each painting is inspired by her walk of faith and hope to share in her life "remade."

Over the years Becky has also learned the art of fine art digital imaging, creating reproduction art for fellow artists and to offer high-quality giclee prints to her collectors. Her reproduction and printing process starts with capturing artwork using advanced photography skills and equipment. She then carefully edits and color corrects each piece to create high-quality images for reproduction. Reproductions are made using a pigment-based, commercial printer located in her studio where she can ensure each print meet her client's standards.

Becky attended both art and design school in Indiana, graduating at the top of her class. She loves to learn and finds that painting is always teaching her something new, in art and in life. Becky's studio and home are located in Wichita Falls, Texas where she and her husband live the empty-nest life designing and renovating their mid-century home, and traveling to see children and grandchildren who are spread across the miles between Texas and Kentucky.

You can keep up with Becky's art and latest renovating and travel adventures @beckyreederremade