I specialize in: Fashion Design, Muralist/Public Art, Painting, Drawing

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My name is Anthony David Campos. I was born in Los Angeles, CA. I currently reside in Wichita Falls, TX. I’ve had a talent for Art since 1994, and began practicing professionally in 2016. I’ve been working on and pursuing passionately ever since. The medium I currently work on is oil paints, which I truly love and enjoy. I use different techniques, such as, glazing and wet on wet to create my work. Although I’d like to say I was born with this creativity, I am self-taught. I've become a painter by watching people who have inspired me, including my beautiful mother's creativity. I’ve also learned a lot from observing the work of Robert Peterson, an Artist based in Lawton, Oklahoma.

I am inspired by the work of Monica Ikegwu, Floyd Strickland and Kahinde Wiley. I’m passionate about spreading a message to the world that will uplift humankind to spread love, unity, kindness, care, ambition and positivity. I believe the ultimate way to do that is to show it through yourself first. My goal is to make a huge impact on every person’s life I
come across. May that impact create a smile.