I specialize in: Graphic Design, Muralist/Public Art, Painting, Drawing

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Anthony David Campos aka Mister X.I.M. is an Artist born in Los Angeles, CA. He currently resides in Wichita Falls, TX as of 2021. He’s had a talent for Art since 1994, and although he had a talent for it he
never took advantage of his skill until 2016, which he’s been working on and pursuing passionately ever since. The medium he currently works on is oil paints which he loves and enjoys. He uses different techniques, such as glazing and wet on wet to create his work.

Although he’d like to say he was born with this creativity, he is a self-taught painter, but gives most of the credit to his mother from watching her create. He has also learned a lot from watching Robert Peterson, an Artist based out in Lawton, Oklahoma. He’s had other inspirations as well, such as Monica Ikegwu, Floyd Strickland, and Kahinde Wiley.

He’s passionate about spreading a message to the world that will uplift mankind to spread love, unity, kindness, care, ambition, and positivity. He believes the ultimate way to do that is to show it through yourself first, one person at a time. His goal is to make a huge impact on every individual’s life he comes across in hopes of creating a smile and friendship.