The Alliance has developed an Artist Roster, a database (including artists’ biographies, areas of expertise, and contact information) of area artists and art education professionals to build a broad and culturally diverse database of artists and arts entrepreneurs in our community.

The Alliance Artists Roster is a service to schools, libraries, arts organizations, event organizers, businesses, and other service providers in our area who often want to engage creative folks and artists to work with them. And of course – we want to bring more visibility to the artists who live and work in our community!

The Artist Roster is open to any area artist who feels they have arts experiences to share, as long as they provide the necessary information and can define what they have to offer.

To submit your information – or to let us know of artists in the community that we should include, contact us at or click the button below.

Artist Registration

Joel Abeyta

I specialize in: Media Arts, Music, photography

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I am a musician, songwriter, photographer, filmmaker, writer, visual artist, and experimenter in anything I can get my hands on. I graduated from MSU with a major in photography but spent a lot of time in ceramics, drawing, and printmaking. I love a good story. My dad is an amazing storyteller so in some way, the core of all my interests is the desire to tell a good story.

Marie Alaniz

I specialize in: Muralist/Public Art, Painting, Drawing, Art Therapy, Portraiture

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I am an art therapy teacher in a forensic psychiatric hospital. Art has always been a part of my life though never as deeply and as healing as with my current job. In the past I mainly stayed with using graphite and colored pencil for portrait work. In the recent 5 years I have branched out to different mediums as well as getting into abstract painting. I painted around 15 murals/wall art for the North Texas State Hospital Juvenile facility. I would like to get more involved in art culture and mural work with the community.

Cooper Alexander

I specialize in: Muralist/Public Art, Painting, Drawing, Theatre

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Cooper Alexander is an artist and educator based in Vernon, Texas. She is passionate about her native north Texas environment. Her artwork is inspired by the sagebrush and cedar trees surrounding her home. Cooper works at the Red River Valley Museum where she teaches art classes to kids, providing them with a creative outlet and the opportunity to explore their own artistic vision. In addition to her paintings, Cooper has also created several murals around Vernon for local businesses and organizations.

Sierra Archer

I specialize in: Crafts, Muralist/Public Art

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From murals to crocheting, I like to keep myself busy creating! Self-taught artist from OKC who loves working with traditional mediums such as ink, fibers, pencil, chalk pastels, but favorite being oil pastel.

Glen Bacus

I specialize in: Muralist/Public Art, Painting

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Born in 1970 in Mountain View, California, Glen Bacus was raised in Sudbury, Massachusetts. He received his bachelor's degree in illustration from UMass Dartmouth in 1993, with further studies at The Boston Museum of Fine Arts School and The DeCordova Museum in Lincoln, Massachusetts.

Pop modernistic in style, Glen's colorful acrylic paintings include images of nature, space, time and patterns and exude energy and vibrance.

His work appears in various public and private collections. In 2001, Glen moved to Wichita Falls, Texas, where he currently resides today.

My Work:

Love Bunny

Jesse Baggett

I specialize in: Printmaking, Sculpture/3D, ceramics

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I received my BFA with Teacher Certification from Midwestern State University in 2014. For four years I taught high school art. I specialize in ceramic sculpture, painting, and printmaking. In my imagery, I use local wildlife to reflect upon art history, various cultures, society, and relationships.

Bob Barrow

I specialize in: Crafts, Painting, Sculpture/3D, Theatre, Fabric Art

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Bob Barrow earned the BFA in ceramics and painting from MSU in 1978. Before returning to MSU from Cal State Fullerton, Bob was a local artist known for his work with fabric and a pioneer in dyeing velvet. After college, Bob created art in various forms and media. He designed, painted, and constructed sets at Backdoor Theatre.

He was later a theatre teacher in Burkburnett for 20 years. His artistic skills contributed to his success as he designed and built amazing sets, including a three-ring circus in the gymnasium with full-body plaster trapeze artists. He served on the Board and was active in the Texas Thespians, being inducted into the Texas Thespians Hall of Fame during the inaugural year of the award, 2011. He also taught workshops in mask-making, Raku, and dyeing, and taught robotics in Costa Rica.

In retirement, Bob returned to ceramics and fabric. He exhibits work in shows and festivals, while being involved in the Wichita Falls Art Association and chairing Art Battle Wichita Falls. In 2022, he received the Margie J. Reese Innovation Award for his work in bringing Art Battle to Wichita Falls.

Jesse Beckham

I specialize in: Leather Goods

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As someone who grew up around leather as a material applied as tools and useful objects, I learned to appreciate leather goods from an early age being present around ranching and working cowboys. By keeping to the idea of leather goods as tools, I strive to build usable and durable leather goods that are up to the standards of everyday use. In addition to durable usability, leather as a material, offers itself as a widely applicable source of beauty and modification, allowing me to dress up items with carving, tooling, or other decoration; changing a bag from a durable everyday carry item, into a unique, beautiful and personal everyday carry item.
Additionally, leather’s versatile uses and applications allow me to push my creative side with new and unique custom pieces.

From client requests, to my own personal projects, starting with a bare side of leather and mine and my client’s imaginations, the creation of an item is pure joy. It doesn't matter if an item is an intricate 6 month custom client build or a one day retail item build, all of my products are built by my hands and meant to be used.

Ginger Boller

I specialize in: Painting

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Since 2002, Ginger Boller has been teaching art in the Wichita Falls community. She has worked with many different populations including foster kids, senior adults and families. She has created free community art experiences and paid events. Her past experience as a counselor is a tool that she uses to help people express themselves through art. Seeing art become therapeutic is the driving force in her work.

When she is not teaching art, Ginger paints in her home studio. Her current body of work focuses on whimsical and colorful watercolor houses and interiors.

In 2021 and 2022 Ginger was part of the Artist Development Program hosted by the Wichita Falls Alliance for Arts and Culture. This program provided training and facilitated an artist residency at Presbyterian Manor.

Joshua Bradley

I specialize in: Painting, Segmented woodturning, Silversmithing and Lapidary

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As long as I can remember I have always been drawn to art and handmade objects. As young person I spent hours and hours drawing, taking apart discarded objects and building with Lego blocks. I also loved visiting the library. Often times I would take home books on art, animals, machines and other sorts. I would often wander up and down the aisle looking for books that would catch my eye. One such book was “The Living Tradition of Maria Martinez”. I was fascinated by her and her family’s pottery. Years later after working as a carpenter and bringing home scrap pieces of exotic woods. I decided to try segmented woodturning.

I especially love western and Southwest art in all its forms. My leather work, drawing and Oil paintings, my lapidary and silverwork all are heavily influenced from that love to a heavy degree.

Katie Britt

I specialize in: Graphic Design, Muralist/Public Art, Painting, Drawing, Face Painter

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Katie has painted three of the statue "Mane Event" horses in Wichita Falls and has two more on the way as of March 2022. She loves many different mediums and is currently focused on face painting and providing a little magic to each customer - big or small.

She loves using acrylic, watercolor, and ink to create portraits of people and pets.

For over 25 years, she has utilized her skill as a graphic designer to elevate brands, design eye-catching advertising/print material, and social media posts.

Briana Brown

I specialize in: Crafts, Painting, Drawing, Sculpture/3D

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I am an independent, starving artist that's self-taught and eager to improve. I'm not one for a specific style or medium, I like to try anything from wood burning, painting, watercolor, sculpting, writing, or jewelry ect.