The Alliance has developed an Artist Roster, a database (including artists’ biographies, areas of expertise and contact information) of area artists and art education professionals to build a broad and culturally diverse database of artists and arts entrepreneurs in our community.

The Alliance Artists Roster is a service to schools, libraries, arts organizations, event organizers, businesses and other service providers in our area who often want to engage creative folks and artists to work with them. And of course – we want to bring more visibility to the artists who live and work in our community!

The Artist Roster is open to any area artist who feels they have arts experiences to share, as long as they provide the necessary information and can define what they have to offer.

To submit your information – or to let us know of artists in the community that we should include, contact is at or click the button below.

Artist Registration

Joel Abeyta

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I am a musician, songwriter, photographer, filmmaker, writer, visual artist, and experimenter in anything I can get my hands on. I graduated from MSU with a major in photography but spent a lot of time in ceramics, drawing, and printmaking. I love a good story. My dad is an amazing storyteller so in some way, the core of all my interests is the desire to tell a good story.

Marie Alaniz

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I am an art therapy teacher in a forensic psychiatric hospital. Art has always been a part of my life though never as deeply and as healing as with my current job. In the past I mainly stayed with using graphite and colored pencil for portrait work. In the recent 5 years I have branched out to different mediums as well as getting into abstract painting. I painted around 15 murals/wall art for the North Texas State Hospital Juvenile facility. I would like to get more involved in art culture and mural work with the community.

Sierra Archer

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From murals to crocheting, I like to keep myself busy creating! Self-taught artist from OKC who loves working with traditional mediums such as ink, fibers, pencil, chalk pastels, but favorite being oil pastel.

Jesse Baggett

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I received my BFA with Teacher Certification from Midwestern State University in 2014. For four years I taught high school art. I specialize in ceramic sculpture, painting, and printmaking. In my imagery, I use local wildlife to reflect upon art history, various cultures, society, and relationships.

Lizca Bass

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Caribbean Artist in Texas.

Joshua Bradley

I specialize in: Painting, Segmented woodturning, Silversmithing and Lapidary

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As long as I can remember I have always been drawn to art and handmade objects. As young person I spent hours and hours drawing, taking apart discarded objects and building with Lego blocks. I also loved visiting the library. Often times I would take home books on art, animals, machines and other sorts. I would often wander up and down the aisle looking for books that would catch my eye. One such book was “The Living Tradition of Maria Martinez”. I was fascinated by her and her family’s pottery. Years later after working as a carpenter and bringing home scrap pieces of exotic woods. I decided to try segmented woodturning.

I especially love western and Southwest art in all its forms. My leather work, drawing and Oil paintings, my lapidary and silverwork all are heavily influenced from that love to a heavy degree.

Jeremy Caldwell

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Animation/comic art.

Jessica Cartwright

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Jessica Cartwright
Piano Teacher

I have been playing the piano for over 20 years. I have been teaching piano lessons since 2008, and have taught ages 4 - 64! I currently teach piano at F&J Music (940-692-3632).

Willetta Crowe

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Willetta Crowe is a photographer working in the rural corners of Texas. Her work celebrates nature, community, and a disappearing way of life in Texas. She developed an eye for visual storytelling through her 25-year career as an English teacher and during her time as a graphic artist in the heyday of the Times-Record News.

She was awarded Best of Show in the 2015 State Fair of Texas photography contest, as well as, second place in landscapes that year. In 2016, she placed first in SFOT people category, and in 2014 honorable mention in SFOT landscapes.

Most recently two photographs were selected to be a part of Texas Photography Society’s 2018 FotoTexas II Show in Alpine, Tx, and 31st Annual Members’ Only Show in Austin.

Ismael Duran

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Ismael is a native Wichitan whose love of the arts comes from frequent visits to museums and the local library as a youngster. He has been fabricating for 17 years with a specialty in metal. Including partnering with Festival De Cine Latino, a 501c3 non-profit, to bring the annual FDCLA Latin Film Festival to Wichita Falls from the Dallas Metroplex, he promotes the arts by hosting the annual Los Muertos Festival in Wichita Falls, which he co-founded. He contributes to the art community by consistently working on projects for non-profits and owns an outdoor venue downtown on Travis street for artists to create and display their work throughout the year.

Camille Elizabeth

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I work primarily with photography and mixed media collage.