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The Alliance has developed an Artist Roster, a database (including artists’ biographies, areas of expertise and contact information) of area artists and art education professionals to build a broad and culturally diverse database of artists and arts entrepreneurs in our community.

The Alliance Artists Roster is a service to schools, libraries, arts organizations, event organizers, businesses and other service providers in our area who often want to engage creative folks and artists to work with them. And of course – we want to bring more visibility to the artists who live and work in our community!

The Artist Roster is open to any area artist who feels they have arts experiences to share, as long as they provide the necessary information and can define what they have to offer.

To submit your information – or to let us know of artists in the community that we should include, contact is at or click the button below.

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AmbeR Day Scottmore_vert

AmbeR Day Scottclose

AmbeR Day Scott is a spritely mixed-media artist who uses intrigue and exploration to connect with her viewer.
After earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2001, AmbeR spent years experimenting with new formats to present her creations outside of the studio and gallery environment. Recently, she has worked with a variety of Arts and Cultural organizations, to create multiple large scale, temporary artistic experiences. These collaborations were designed to engage greater portions of the community in the production and appreciation of art.
Since 2018, she has had a wide variety of opportunities as the Gallery Director of 9th Street Studios and as the Administrative Assistant of the Wichita Falls Alliance for Arts and Culture. Her personal artwork has been featured in multiple group exhibitions in Wichita Falls, the Tulsa Nude Art Show, Juxtapose Gallery in Rosendale NY and Pedroche Gallery in Dallas TX.

AmbeR currently lives and works in Wichita Falls, TX.

Amy Walkermore_vert

Amy Walkerclose

Artist of multi media, and lover of all things creative. Amy studied figure sculpting by working with several well known sculptors in Texas and Wyoming. She has worked on many monuments and bronze sculpture projects around the world. If you're looking for a sculpture, painting, mural, portrait, or anything else creative, Amy would be happy to help.

Antuan Simmonsmore_vert

Antuan Simmonsclose

Antuan Simmons has written four books of poetry, ‘The Phoenix's Dying Light’, ‘The Crab Syndrome’ ‘The Mustard Seed’ and ‘Saints & Sinners’. He also has a poetry CD called "AntuanLive" which is a live recording performance at Hastings Books and Music. His poetry has been featured in several magazines, and publications. He is also the owner of the ‘Share Your Venue’ website ( and the ‘Share Your Venue’ App. (Available on Google Play) He is also the owner of the ‘American Poet 16’ Clothing Line. You can follow Antuan on Facebook under ‘Poet Antuan Simmons’ and follow him on Twitter at He is also administrator of the ‘World Spoken Word & Poetry Facebook Group’.

Audra Lambertmore_vert

Audra Lambertclose

Audra Lambert is a practicing artist who commits herself to the pursuit of furthering the arts in our community. She graduated with a bachelor’s in fine art from Midwestern State University. Since 2013 she has been working as a muralist. Her main goal in life is to produce art and help others to engage themselves in the arts as well. She believes that all people can benefit from the arts whether they are making art or enjoying it.

B.C. Gilbertmore_vert

B.C. Gilbertclose

B.C. Gilbert was born and raised in Amarillo, TX on the high plains of the Texas Panhandle, a beautiful, yet sometimes harsh environment. Much of the imagery found in his artwork is influenced by the surroundings he was exposed to growing up.
He received a BFA in painting in 1997 from Cameron University in Lawton, OK and an MFA in painting and sculpture in 2001 from Texas Tech University in Lubbock, TX.
He is now based out of Wichita Falls, TX where he is a working and exhibiting artist as well as an art instructor at Rider High School and adjunct professor at Midwestern State University.

"The work which I create is a culmination of several factors including, but not limited to, situations past and present, references to nostalgic tendencies, environmental surroundings of popular culture (specifically my own), and an obsession with the depiction of Americana in a traditional vs. nontraditional and unpredictable format.
Through these means and using the mediums of painting and printmaking, as well as the devices of construction, found objects, and even premeditated environments similar to installations, it is my desire and focus to reinvent and reinterpret pre-conceived stereotypes and to pose and suggest those question’s for the supposed audience."

Brea’n Thompsonmore_vert

Brea’n Thompsonclose

Brea’n Thompson is a Texas based muralist and artist whose painting relies heavily on the psychology of the brain and the illusion of movement stemming from intense study of psychological, hydrological and geological processes. Her artwork bursts to life with vibrant color and unusual arrangements. Currently her works can be seen at the 8th Street Gallery, her murals downtown and several private collections in New York, Los Angeles, Nevada and Japan. Brea’n is a self-taught artist and muralist. She started her mural career 10 years ago in Los Angeles and has continued that career in the beautiful Wichita falls, she is currently studying Geology at MSU and hopes to use her degree to further her understanding of how the world works and better convey that in her artwork.

Camille Elizabethmore_vert

Camille Elizabethclose

I work primarily with photography and mixed media collage.

Catherine Prosemore_vert

Catherine Proseclose

Catherine Prose is an award winning and published artist working as an Associate Professor at Midwestern State University where she teaches printmaking, drawing, art appreciation and honors art appreciation. Prose holds a bachelor of art from Cameron University, Lawton, Oklahoma and a master of fine art from Texas Tech University, Lubbock, Texas. She is available for artist lectures and demonstrations in reductive monotype, direct line monotype, additive and reductive screenprinting, and mixed media accordion books. :)

Charis Johnson-Turnermore_vert

Charis Johnson-Turnerclose

Originally from Oklahoma, born and raised. Always viewed art as a fun hobby, which included sewing, painting, drawing, and crafting. Studied biology at the University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond before concentrating on being a mother and began tattooing.

Moved to Wichita Falls, Texas in 2013 to further her career in tattoing as well as piercing. Currently works at Underground Tattoo.

Charlie “ChaSue” Robertsmore_vert

Charlie “ChaSue” Robertsclose

Born and raised in WFTX, I love to explore the alternative of our community through art. I work with multiple medias, ranging from live preformances to watercolor.

Cindy Kahler Thomasmore_vert

Cindy Kahler Thomasclose

Cindy Kahler Thomas showed an early interest in art. As a child, she would get out the round suitcase that held her art and show it to anyone who would sit still long enough to look. She excelled at art throughout her first 12 years of school, and upon graduation she became a cosmetologists playing with colors in a different way. She sculpted her client’s hair and vented her artistic sensibilities that way.
She graduated from Midwestern State University, but only took one art class and that was in photography, which she thoroughly enjoyed and did quite well in it. Then in her 30’s her lifelong friend introduced her to stain glass mosaics, and she fell in love. Her favorite media is stained glass and ink.
She is now a volunteer of the Wichita Falls Art Association, and feels privileged to be surrounded by art at the group’s gallery at 600 8th Street where she often shows her art. She also teaches art classes to children at the Kemp Center for the Arts. She also takes part in the After Hours Art Walk.
She is proud to be a wife, mother and grandmother, and counts her family and her faith as her greatest assets. She can be reached at 940-733-1562 or

Devan Gillmore_vert

Devan Gillclose

Telling stories is what I do best as a graphic artist. My goal is to present striking digital imagery, no matter how simple or complex, to engage a variety of audiences in professional and non-professional settings the way a good movie or piece of music would. I do art pieces, posters, logos, album covers, and t-shirts.