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Ann Arnold-Ogden joined KAUZ’s Brian Shrull to talk about the Artist Development Program.

The program continues The Alliance’s tradition of giving artists the tools they need to improve their artistic practice; they also learn to use their creative skills as a way to increase their earned income.

In 2016, The Alliance set up its Teaching Artists Learning Lab, establishing a roster of artists prepared to provide creative programs for children across their service area. As an expansion of this commitment, the next-level professional development initiative will involve up to 15 area artists in a yearlong learning plan to develop their skills as artist entrepreneurs by:

  • Building a cohort who are interested in making their artistic products available to a wider audience
  • Engaging artists in activities designed to prepare them for making their work visible to new markets
  • Deepening participants’ understanding of the financial and legal aspects of the business of art

By KAUZ Team | March 10, 2021 at 6:12 PM CST – Updated March 10 at 6:12 PM