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Wichita Falls proudly embraces its rich poetic legacy by kicking off National Poetry Month with an honor from City Hall. Mayor Tim Short has officially proclaimed April as National Poetry Month in Wichita Falls.

Members of the Wichita Falls Poetry Society were present to accept the proclamation.

Wichita Falls has a storied history of celebrating poetry and nurturing poets who have gone on to achieve statewide acclaim. Two Poet Laureates of Texas were residents of the city: Ruth E. Reuther (1988-89) and James Hoggard (2000).

Here are some ways you can celebrate poetry all month long:

Read Poetry Aloud: Take time to read poetry aloud, whether it’s a classic poem or a contemporary piece. Feel the rhythm of the words and let their meanings resonate with you.

Write Your Own Poetry: Embrace your inner poet and try your hand at writing your own poems. Don’t worry about perfection; just let your thoughts flow freely onto the page.

Memorize a Poem: Choose a poem that speaks to you and commit it to memory. Recite it whenever you need inspiration or share it with friends and family.

Create Found Poetry: Find inspiration in everyday objects by creating found poetry. Use words or phrases from newspapers, magazines, or even street signs to compose your own poems.

Start a Poetry Journal: Keep a journal dedicated to recording your thoughts, feelings, and observations through poetry. Use it as a creative outlet to express yourself and explore your emotions.

Join a Poetry Community: Engage with other poetry lovers by joining The Wichita Falls Poetry Society! Share your own poems and provide feedback to others

About the Wichita Falls Poetry Society:

WFPS is a proud chapter of theĀ Poetry Society of Texas (PST). Members meet once a month (excluding June, July and August) to share poetry, discuss the various aspects of the art of the written word, expand their knowledge, and inspire each other. For more information about WFPS, click here.