The ACE Awards recognize the contributions of individuals, organizations, and businesses to Arts and Culture in Wichita County. Nominations are reviewed by an independent committee made up of members of the community.

The 2024 Categories are:

Outstanding Arts Educator

An award presented to a Wichita County educator for their exemplary work in guiding the next generation of artists in our region and nurturing lifelong supporters of the arts.

Business Champion

This award recognizes a Wichita County business for creating or supporting initiatives with arts and culture organizations within the past two years. This support may come in the form of time, participation, or in-kind or financial contribution.

Artist of the Year

Presented to a working artist in Wichita County, this award recognizes creative individuals who have elevated arts and culture through outstanding vision, leadership, and creativity in the past 12 months. All disciplines and levels of experience are eligible

Distinguished Cultural Organization

An award presented to a nonprofit arts and cultural organization in Wichita County that has made a tangible impact on the region’s residents, tourists, youth, and businesses through innovative programs, community engagement, and creative vision.

Nadine McKown Volunteer Award

This award honors those who, through their dedicated service and commitment, help build a lasting legacy for Arts and Cultural Organizations in Wichita County. Inspired by Nadine McKown’s exemplary dedication and impact, this accolade recognizes volunteers who ensure the continued vitality of nonprofit cultural organizations.

Margie J. Reese Innovation Award

This award recognizes an individual or group who has inspired and encouraged participation in arts and culture in Wichita County in creative or innovative ways.

The Mayor’s Award

Selected by the current Mayor of Wichita Falls, this award recognizes outstanding contributions in Arts and Culture in the last 12 months. The recipient demonstrates a strong commitment to the arts and its vital role in our community.

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