Appropriate for all ages
Social and Emotional Exercise 

Activity by: Margie Reese
Demonstrated by: Reggie (Her Grandson)

Help kids loosen up, get moving and use up that bottled up energy!

  1. Pull out those Halloween costumes from last year – or have fun doing dress-up with old clothes or fabric. 
  2. Turn on their favorite music and let them move freely- calling “ freeze” at intervals.   Once the giggles get going – take pictures of them as superhero statues.   
  3. Record videos using your phone and show them back to dancers after dinner later that day.
  4. Send the videos to grandparents, relatives, and friends to share as a family movie night.  Ask friends, relatives, and grandparents to video their own dance moves and send them back so kids can enjoy! 

Reggie’s Super Hero Dance Party