How to Submit Artwork for an Exhibition
Meets the learning standards for grades 4-5 (can be adapted)
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Subject: Fine Arts, English Language Arts and Reading
Formal Lesson Plan and TEKS Information

How do Artists expand their audience and show their work publicly?

What are some different ways you have displayed their artwork. Do you stick it on their walls? Is it hanging on the refrigerator? Do you give it to friends or relatives to enjoy? Do they share it on social media?

According to their website, “The International Museum of Children’s Art in Oslo, Norway is a pioneer institution, being the world’s first full-scale Museum of Child Art. Today, the museum’s art collection contains artworks by children and young from more than 180 countries.”

Are you surprised by this museum? What is the value of a Children’s Art Museum? What can adults learn from the artwork on exhibit?

The Application Process:

One of the ways Artists can showcase their artwork in a museum or gallery is through a formal submission process. This can seem overwhelming at times, but it is a very useful skill.

Our friends at the Kemp Center for the Arts hold an annual exhibition that will make great practice for learners.

You can download or print the Artist Packet here.

Grab a pen or pencil and let’s create a list of things to remember for this exhibition: Are there theme(s)? Will the artwork be returned to the artist? Size requirement? Materials allowed? Presentation? Drop-off procedure? Special instructions (e.g. Signature/ Prices/ Framing)? Essay? Application form?

Now select or create art for the exhibit! Think about different methods or materials you have used in the past. Most exhibitions require that all artwork submitted to be a unique creation. Discuss what that means and make some art!


What do you know about the term “Networking?” Is there value in being able to interact with other artists or the audience, and confidently talk about your artwork?

An exhibition could be a public event with lots of people. Perhaps it will have social distancing with people wearing masks, or it might even be a “virtual exhibition” and take place online.

Here are some tips for all these situations:
(**The following photos were taken before the current public health crisis**)

  1. Be positive and show interest in other people’s artwork.  


2. Introduce yourself. Practice making an introduction to a friend or family member and answering questions about your artwork. Practice asking questions of other artists and providing positive feedback.

What are some ways to meet and greet someone new if social distancing practices are being observed? What are ways to meet and greet someone new if it is a virtual exhibition?

More Opportunities to Show Your Work:

Want to find more opportunities to to showcase your artwork? Check these out:

Online Gallery on the Wichita Falls Alliance for Arts and Culture website (no deadline)

Online exhibition and contest about Art in Isolation. Deadline July 10, 2020

Bird themed artwork: Juried exhibition in Massachusetts (no entry fee). Deadline July 15, 2020

The International Museum of Children’s art just posted a beautiful online exhibition of art inspired by the Corona pandemic. Visit their site regularly to learn about future opportunities. (English language option is available at the top of the page)