In Art, the term “perspective” refers to a convincing depiction of distance. In real life, objects that are further away appear to be smaller than objects that are closer to the viewer. Learners will practice the beginning steps for drawing with perspective:

Materials: Paper, Ruler, Pencil, Eraser


1. Talk about the earth’s horizon. Look at pictures online or step outside to point out where the sky appears to meet the earth.

2. Time to draw! Use a ruler to draw a line from one edge to the other edge through the center of the paper. This line will be the horizon.

3. Draw an X or a dot on your line near the center.

4. Using the ruler or any straight edge, draw a straight line from the center mark out to each of the four corners of the paper. These straight lines coming from the one point are used for guidance.

5. Use the ruler to draw a vertical (up and down) line between the guidelines on the left, extending through the Horizon Line. Repeat this step between the guidelines on the right.

6. Erase the guidelines from the center point to the vertical lines (in the middle section of the page). Erase the horizon line that extends from the vertical lines to the outside edge of the paper.

7. Use the ruler when redrawing any lines that may have been partially erased.

8. To add additional details or architectural elements, learners will repeat the process, using the same center point. (In this example picture, the Artist has depicted the space between two buildings and will now use the guideline process to add a window to one of the buildings.)

9. Erase the guidelines and begin to add details. (The windowsill depicted was created by the same guideline process, giving the window depth.)

10. Have fun and create some action happening in this imaginary world. Make sure to add lots of details to the drawing. You can draw anything you can imagine. What else can you add to your landscape?

11. Find a place to display your artwork.

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Activity Designed by: Audra Lambert – Programs Manager, Wichita Falls Alliance for Arts and Culture
Lesson Designed by: Amber Day Scott – Program Coordinator, Wichita Falls Alliance for Arts and Culture