Lesson by: Nadine McKown, Kell House Museum

Activity 1:

Click here to read about Willie May Kell of Wichita Falls. She was the first woman to earn athletic letters from The University of Texas – in tennis!

Activity 2:

Did you know that the official Games of the II Olympiad took place in 1900 in Paris, France? A total of 997 athletes competed in 19 sports from May 14 through October 28, 1900. This was the first time women were allowed to participate. Women were able to compete in lawn tennis, sailing, golf, and croquet. Some of the other events included ballooning, cricket, and a 200-meter obstacle course swim.

Host your own Olympics at home:

  • Have a three-legged race with your siblings.
  • Have a water balloon toss.
  • Consider competitive hop-scotch!
  • Create your own medals!

What other games can be turned into competitive Home Olympic fun?

Grab your crayon and markers and fill in this Olympic Medalist Coloring Page!

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