Creative expression inspired by a Frozen Summer Treat

Meets the learning standards for grades 4-5 (can be adapted)
Media Type: Culinary Arts
Subject Integration: Fine Arts, English Language Arts and Reading

Materials: writing materials, clean and protected work surface, sealable gallon plastic bags, sealable “sandwich” or quart plastic bags, half and half (or preferred dairy substitute), vanilla, sugar (or preferred substitute), ice, rock salt (aka Ice Cream Salt)

Special Equipment: measuring cups and spoons, dish towel/oven mitt

Focus Question: How can the process of making and enjoying ice cream inspire our personal artistry?


In 60 seconds, list as many Ice Cream related adjectives as possible. Share and Discuss!

Activity 1: 

  1. Check out this fun article from MyModernMet, 17 Fun Works of Art Inspired by Ice Cream (
  2. What can we observe about the variety of materials and methods used? Choose one of the pieces from the article and describe it in as much detail as possible. Write what you see, but also write what you imagine. What do you think inspired the artist? How do you think audiences respond to it and interact with it? Do these works of art give you ideas about Ice Cream art YOU would like to make?

Activity 2: 

  1. For this activity, YOU will compose written instructions for making Ice Cream In a Bag. Have Fun! Use creative and poetic language, imaginative scenarios and settings, while still retaining necessary accuracy and precision. Here are the details you will need for your recipe and instructions:

This video demonstrates how to make the ice cream, while providing minimal narrative and instruction. Use your creative and technical writing skills to produce an entertaining version of the Plastic Bag Ice Cream instructions. Go Wild!

  1. Now, Make Ice Cream! (see above). Enjoy!

CLOSING: Share, Reflect! Upload pictures of your finished project here.