Meets the learning standards for grades 4-5 (can be adapted)
Media Type: online and written
Fine Arts, English Language Arts and Reading, Mathematics
Formal Lesson Plan and TEKS Information

Photo by: Philippe Halsman

On a piece of paper write down what you notice about the photographDali Atomicus” by Philippe Halsman.

  • What is happening? 
  • How many lines can find in the photograph? 
  • How many triangles can you find? 
  • Are their more rectangles or triangles in the photograph? 

On a blank piece of paper draw what you see. 

  • What is the biggest object in the photograph? 
  • What is the smallest object? 
  • What expression is on the man’s face? 
  • How do you think the cats feel about being in the photograph? 
  • What is moving in this photograph? 
  • What are different objects in the photograph? 
  • What details do you see? 
  • How many lines go from one edge of the photograph to another edge? 
  • Where do you think this photograph being taken? 


  • How similar or different is your drawing from the photograph? 
  • Is there anything in the photograph that isn’t in your drawing? 
  • What meaning do you think the photograph could have?