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Our community is fortunate to have talented local artists who inspire us through their art.  There are already more than a dozen murals across Wichita Falls. Murals are presented for you to enjoy – with your family, your friends and of course, for anyone visiting you from out of town. The murals commissioned by the Wichita Falls Alliance for Arts and Culture as part of the Eastside mural project feature four very distinct styles of visual storytelling and add more art in public spaces for you to enjoy. The possibilities for interacting with murals are endless. Here are 10 ways to enjoy the murals in Wichita Falls.

1. Hop in your car on Saturday or Sunday afternoon and drive over the Emmanuel Davis Overpass to see the brilliant murals. Be sure to take photos to share on social media using #createwf or #eastsidemuralproject.

2. Create new memories – talk with your kids about imagination. The murals are original creations of the artists’ imaginations. What do they inspire in you?

3. Enjoy the colors – stay a while, walk around the murals, and look at them up close and farther away. Close your eyes – what images linger in your mind?

4. How to park – the murals are located on busy streets, so be careful slowing down to view from your cars. There is plenty of on-street parking, so safely step out of your car and enjoy the street gallery.

5. Send an email to the mayor – let him how much you enjoyed the murals. He’s a great arts supporter.

6. Go to the library and check out books about artists who are muralists. You will learn that murals have been used to communicate ideas and tell stories since the days of the caveman!

7. Give a thumbs up to the neighbors you see passing by. They are happy you are visiting their neighborhood.

8. Feel free to linger, stay awhile at any of the mural locations. Summer is coming so you may want to drag your cooler of cold water with you. Oops – there are no trash cans at any of the sites, so take your trash with you.

9. Pick up a pack of sidewalk chalk on your way home – and create your own chalk mural with your family! Send photos to us at!

10. You can absolutely touch the art! These outdoor paintings are works of art – so just remember that they are artist creations, so please don’t add any paint or make marks on them. The artists will appreciate it!

Murals can’t happen just anywhere – artists must get permission from the property owners to begin painting – and aren’t we happy they said yes? Be sure to stop by all four murals the Wichita Falls Alliance for Arts and Culture has commissioned on the Eastside.

Eastside Mural Locations:

  • “I Love You” – Felix Lister Elks Lodge (811 Homes)
  • “Imaginative Minds” – Fly’s Gas Station (802 Harding)
  • “Jacobie’s Wall” – Wichita Falls Housing Authority (Harding & Williams)
  • “In Motion” – Beacon Light House (300 7th Street)

10 Ways to Enjoy the Eastside Murals, by Margie J. Reese