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The technology to donate online was launched in the late 1990’s and through a process of trial and error NGOs have slowly been able to build donor’s confidence in the technology and grow their online donor database. Today online donations make up an average of 7-10% of an NGO’s annual budget and online giving continues to grow – and will continue grow – every year. Now more than ever it’s crucial that your NGO knows the basics of a successful online fundraising campaign and has knowledge of emerging online fundraising trends in order to prepare for the future.

The webinar content below was presented by Heather Mansfield on October 11, 2016 to 1,807 nonprofit staff. It was the final presentation of the online fundraising best practices webinar. To register for future free webinars, please see the Nonprofit Tech for Good Webinar Schedule.

1. Know online fundraising trends.

  • In 2015 online giving grew 9% while overall giving grew 2%. Small and medium-sized NGOs are experiencing the largest growth in online giving. The average online gift in 2015 was $110.
  • Online giving only accounts for 8-9% of all giving, but it is growing steadily each year.
  • Donors of all generations are shifting to online giving, but Gen X is most likely to give online. They are also the generation that volunteers the most. NGOs should pay more attention to Gen X donors who donate an average of $465 annually.

2. Use a premium donation service.

3. Prominently feature your “Donate” button.

4. Optimize your “Thank You” process.

5. Create social media graphics.

6. Launch a monthly giving campaign.

7. Launch a tribute giving campaign.

  • Enable the ability for donor’s to make tribute gifts in honor of a family member or friend.
  • Again, promote your tribute giving program on your website and blog, in email, on social media, and in print materials (

8. Launch a crowdfunding campaign.

9. Participate in giving days.

10. Embrace new fundraising tools.