The Wichita Theatre

The second collaboration we are showcasing is our work we did with The Wichita Theatre.  In 2017, there were two events that we partnered with the Wichita Theatre for – Sepia and Mariachi Divas. For this one, we will be featuring Sepia, a photo gallery that we brought to town in February. Stay tuned to see more about Mariachi Divas later in the month.


The Wichita Theatre turned their upstairs lobby space into a gallery specifically for this event that ran through February as a part of African American Heritage Month. This exhibition featured nearly 100 black and white photographs of African American icons in pop culture and editorial images from the Sepia Magazine Photographic Archive. The complete collection, owned by the African American Museum, contains more than 10,000 photographs spanning three decades of digital documentation. John Spriggins is the curator of the exhibit. We will feature the African American Museum and John Spriggins more in a future collaboration.