The Wichita Dome

The Wichita Dome is a sculpture inspired by the grass house architecture of The Wichita tribe whose ancestors lived in the Central and Southern Plains.

The Wichita Dome follows the successful creation of “Don’t Fence Me In,” which was situated on the west end of the 12-acre median of Kell East and Kell West freeway near the Attebury Grain Elevator. The new sculpture is being installed on the east end of the site, which will allow residents and visitors easier access to the artwork.

The contemporary design for the dome was created by local artist Erick Zambrano. Erick is a graduate of Midwestern State University and is currently enrolled in the Master’s Degree sculpture program at the University of Houston. Other artists contributing to the creation of the Wichita Dome are Alexes Anguiano, Audra Lambert, and Ramona Stegal.


The 12-acre median has the potential to transform our city by creating a space where artists, families, school children and visitors can engage with artists and art in an outdoor public art sculpture garden. The dome will be the second installation by The Alliance on this site.

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