Texas Department of Transportation


The first collaboration we are featuring is our partnership with the Texas Department of Transportation. Our partnership with TxDot did exactly that. Throughout 2017, we worked with TxDot on two projects.

Don’t Fence Me In

We worked with TxDot to make our community public art project, Don’t Fence Me In, a reality. The land that our pop-up fence exhibit is currently on is owned by TxDot. They were willing to allow us to use the land to create the community exhibition. The TxDot team of Adele, Josh, and Tom were so wonderful and saw the importance in what we were doing.


Our second project with TxDot involved the painting of snowplows. The team at TxDot had seen painted snowplows in larger cities so they asked if we would be willing to paint a few of the Wichita Falls plows during our summer camps. We said “absolutely!” So far, we have painted three plows. Two were painted by children at our camps over the summer and one was painted by our teaching artists early in the fall.

One of the plows drove in the recent City Lights Christmas Parade and currently sits outside of the Southwest Parkway TxDot offices.