Art Bikes

The 3rd Annual Art Bike Exhibition creates temporary public art installations to celebrate the Hotter’N Hell Hundred. There will be two exhibitions at Sikes Senter Mall and at the MPEC.

This is the  37th annual bike ride, and we are encouraging people to spend no more than $37 on their project, so grab the family and deconstruct, decoupage or decorate a bike for this year’s ride. It’s a great project for art camps, after school programs, senior social groups, basketball teams, or anyone else!

Let’s get busy. We need 100 bikes for 2018!!

Let’s show the thousands of cyclists and their families our creative side!  Grab that old bike out of the garage and create a new piece of art – an Art Bike!

What’s an Art Bike anyway?

It’s your own creation!  Use your imagination and consider that old bike, tricycle, or unicycle to be your canvas and get to work!

Use your imagination and get busy!

Create an Art Bike

Put your Art Bike on display. Sign up below!


Donate a Bike!

Have an old bike lying around? Donate it! We’ll make sure it makes it’s way to an artist for Art Bikes!